Sunday, January 24, 2016


After the first Birthday Bash in November 2014, I didn't really think there was a way that Wolfpack Drift Club could outdo themselves for future events.  But sure enough, the 2nd Annual Birthday Bash proved me incorrect.  We came to this one with a plan.  With a mindset.  With a certain vibe to keep the day in check.

Unlike the previous year, the event was kept much more private, and if you knew - you knew.  With my move across the country, this had me a bit nervous for planning purposes but the 'pack didn't let me down and I spent all week leading up to the Bash getting the Z ready to slide!

The whole weekend prior to the Bash, we spent entire days and late nights in the shop preparing both my car and Nick's.  I think I got a total of about 5 hours of sleep that weekend.  It had finally come time for the Z to get it's Tomei 2-Way and 3.9 Final Drive gear pumpkin transplant.  Things didn't go incredibly smooth and we ran into some hiccups (like the oil drain plug socket I had to run out to Home Depot 10 minutes before they closed on Saturday night so we could finish up the job), but that install taught me a lot about the car and myself.

Well, we arrived bright and early to the track - and then had to wait for the gates to be unlocked!  Once in the pit area, we all got ourselves situated, cars unloaded, tools out. . .

. . .meanwhile some of the crew pulled out the grill, set-up the stereo and laid out snacks for everyone!

Speaking of snacks - Go ahead and snag a Snickers, take a Wolfpack lighter and Bushido sticker while you're at it!

First things, first - We had to set out to the track and get some of the mandatory shots we wanted for the day.  Like I said, we came with a game-plan.  Thanks to Joe for graciously letting us use his truck as a chase/follow vehicle!

'Billshido' in his natural habitat, letting Flako know where he'll be posted up in the infield to get some video footage.

The fact that this year's event was kept much more under wraps, meant more seat time for everyone and even less pressure.  All anyone watching for the day wanted, was to see the drivers go out and enjoy themselves - if making progression in skill was a by-product, then that just makes the Bash that much better!

Next up, it was time for mama's first ever ride in the hatch!

Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was pretty much free-range for everyone to go out when they felt like it!  Juan laid down some SOLID runs that day, and kept inching closer to the wall.  Seeing how much improvement he's made in just the course of a year gives me so much hope, and feeling for potential of what 2016 might encompass.

Never a dull moment when riding shotgun in Juan's hatch!

Kyle brought out his recently V8-transplanted hatch, and was taking folks out for thrill rides too.  Looked like he was having a great time, and it was a good opportunity to hone-in and do some setup tweaking.

Having the track be so empty actually meant that the only problem of the day was letting your car cool down between hot laps!

It also meant that it was good opportunity to check out T-Nasty's kicks.

Wait, here comes Dylan! - if you didn't already hear him coming first!

Felix had his coupe with him, and even with an automatic mission he was putting some of my runs to shame!

Joe's father was in charge of cooking up the burgers and brats.  They were delicious, and just what we needed - Thanks man!

Down-time between driving meant soaking up good moments with friends and family.

Did someone say food?

Wolfpack Fam!  After some fusebox adjustments, it was time to get back out and kill some cones!

Show that bank who's boss, Camsauce!

It's pretty insane to see the difference Kyle has made in just a year too.  Looking back to the first Bash, his car was a different color, had a different motor, and now his runs are near flawless.

Every event I attend, folks seem to gravitate to Nick's car and/or the Wolfpack tent.  So now I make it a thing to get this typical shot at every track day with the 'pack!

Hey, that helmet and visor sure do look cool!  Gilberto got to do some ride-alongs with Felix - Hopefully we'll see him out next year with his Type-X?

Wait. . . Dylan, something doesn't seem right! . . .

Oh, never mind - We're good - Just killing those poor tires and putting on a show!

ϟ S M O K E   C I R C L E ! ϟ

But for real, I was shocked and really impressed with what Felix was able to make this car do!

I had to steal this photo from Billshido, because there was no way that I was gonna end this post without an epic group shot (this will have to be another tradition).  I'm still incredibly proud and honored to be a part of something that's really so special.  Not sure many people understand it when we say that this really is a Wolfpack Family!  HUGE, GIGANTIC, HUMONGOUS, INCREDIBLE, ENDLESS THANK YOU TO MELODY, BILL AND NICK FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!  Way to end 2015 on the right note, and set-up 2016 for a killer year!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

野蛮 馬 - Move The Ferrari

The first GoFast Drift and Drag of 2016 took place yesterday at Wild Horse Motorsports Park, and after not being around anything drift or car related in general for over a month, I wasn't missing this event.  It was an awesome time, as usual, and got to see some different cars show up which was nice.

Since the winter season is way cooler than the summer months, GoFast is able to start the event earlier in the day, and that gave me a chance to actually get some sunset shots of the cars on track.

BUT, the sun still does set pretty fast during January here so I really didn't get a chance to take too many photos regardless.  Not too much to say about this event, except for it's really laid-back, fun and everyone seems to enjoy it (both drivers and spectators).  

I'm still getting to know some of these guys, so unfortunately I don't have much more for this post than just some exposure-bumped photos.  Enjoy the rest!

OH, the nice surprise of the day was seeing AJ from Risky Devil out here in his Altezza.  Walking up through the paddock when I got there and seeing that car sitting in the tech line, was a shock!  Dude can lay it down nice and smooth.
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

GoFast Drift & Drag - Arizona Exploring

 Since my move out to AZ, I've been looking HARD for drift events in the area.  I see that VegasDrift seems to have a big presence around Phoenix, but I had just missed their Round 1 event in Chandler a couple months ago.  About two and a half weeks ago, I came across an event online called the GoFast Drift and Drag nights at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ aka Bondurant Driving School property.  They seem to happen about once a month or so, and luckily when I came across this online, there was an event coming up that same weekend.  So a friend and I drove down to go check it out!

It definitely did not disappoint!  I was really curious to see a drift event out West compared to what I'm used to attending back on the East coast.  There was plenty to look at in the paddock alone.

Eleven's Paint and Fiber (a local body shop) came out in full-force.  It was cool to see some cars in person that I've seen on the internet before.

Like George's FC RX-7.  Definitely a treat for not being around anything I was used to seeing for about a month.

The driving level was pretty cool - There was clearly some more advanced drivers mixed in with the more amateur drivers, and the event layout seemed pretty relaxed.

And there definitely appeared to be some style present, which was refreshing.

And then there was some unexpected chassis being driven too, which was also different and cool.  Some dudes were really laying it down and getting the crowd excited.

Cool color combo and style on this hatch.  The driver was doing a nice job that night.

One of the Eleven's cars - This hatch looked SWEET!

Even without a media pass, I was able to find myself a pretty sweet spot on one of the last corners of the course layout.  Made for some decent shots!

I also ran up to the bleachers for a bit which gave a REALLY cool angle of the whole track.

After a few haphazard warm-up passes, the driver of this IS300 was actually laying down some really nice runs!

The more experienced drivers were taking some pretty aggressive and fun to watch lines.

The driver of this SC was linking all corners like it was his job!

Yet another solid hatch - I dig these guys' style!

And lastly, this S13/Pick-up!  Dude was running solid, while scraping the underside of his chassis throughout the track.  I dig it!

All in all, I'm really glad I went and checked this out.  Looking forward to the next one of these and getting more of a chance to talk to some of the drivers and folks out here.  I kinda hung back this time so I could just feel it out and get the vibe of the event.  But I like what I see!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!